Kraus is currently experiencing an upsurge in name recognition and profitability, since its inception in 2007. Building on this upward momentum, expansion of their product portfolio has been paramount to their forward-thinking designers. To deal with the growing demand for open-plan kitchens, Kraus is introducing a new line of stainless sinks in a selection of sizes . The Pax™ Series made its introduction at KBIS 2016 to great success, and features linear, geometrically crisp basins with aesthetically pleasing zero-radius edges for a distinctly fresh Kraus look. Every drain is handcrafted from premium T-304 stainless, in an eco-friendly and durable finish that is highly appreciated in the restaurant market. The natural color of the brushed satin surface develops a beautiful patina with time, developing a refined look with enduring appeal. For easy maintenance, all Pax™ Series sinks feature routered grooves and 95° sidewalls built for optimal drainage. Other design highlights incl


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